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Uncle Gintel's Karma

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9/20/2021Total scumbag
9/20/2021You just look for reasons to get red, you red junkie.
9/20/2021Definitely does not play well with others. Needs meds.
9/20/2021Uncle gentile :)
9/20/2021She wasn't on meds, don;t be making false statements, it's against the law
9/20/2021You are an absolute asshole by saying the Damnable Vax is safe for children
9/20/2021Here’s your weekly red karma, bitch
9/20/2021You're a dumbass
9/20/2021IQ of smegma stuck to the prolapsed asshole of your mother
9/20/2021Eat a butt hair.
9/20/2021More red for supporting fascist retards
9/19/2021U a raven phiaggittt
9/18/2021U make my panties wet - Vaxxed K****po
9/18/2021He's a dildo
9/18/2021Nobody gives a fuck about your apology or opinion.
9/18/2021Repulsive little dweeb.
9/18/2021Shill apology.... what a crock of shit
9/18/2021Vaxtards unite! tRuSt tHe GoVerNMenT!
9/18/2021How does it feel to have no one believe you?
9/18/2021CNN...really. oklahoma isn't getting vaxxicided
9/18/2021Was that 8 or 10 BBCs you and your wife serviced at the glory hole last night? You truly are a disgusting person.
9/18/2021Go fuck yourself...vino
9/18/2021100% of what you say are bullshit lies. Take a Break and have a dildo
9/18/2021Green, just because. I dont agree but I do wish you well. I don't understand why though....Just Passing Through
9/17/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/17/2021Competing with NDFARM Red for you!
9/17/2021Go play with dildo's fucking commie ass bitch!
9/17/2021You are so annoying and dumb
9/17/2021Gullible idiot.
9/17/2021Just to make the point, and I hope it sinks in.
9/16/2021You are one of ‘those†uncles are you not? Stay away from those nieces and nephews you demented don lemon lovin @ss!
9/16/2021It's that time of the week again
9/16/2021You need a booster. Or 4. - clevercreator
9/16/2021You're as dumb as you are ignorant. It's ok to admit you are wrong, we will still care for you, but not when you're a fuckin' idiot...lol
9/16/2021You are stupid. Milley is the traitor.
9/16/2021More like trying to get out of being charged for using opiods while in her 3rd trimester.
9/16/2021Vaxed and confused
9/16/2021Worst takes on everything
9/15/2021You suck ass shill!
9/15/2021Top Shelf Ass inlet!
9/15/2021CCCP Shill
9/15/2021U choke on dicks like it's ur job
9/15/2021You are full of shit
9/15/2021You should go live somewhere you like and leave the US alone.
9/15/2021Defending traitors.
9/15/2021You are a fucking idiot, most annoying shill on GLP, and your stupid seems to be getting worse. This is not a compliment. You should not feel all warm and fuzzy by this. DUMBASS!
9/15/2021You need more red.
9/15/2021Because your the official meaning of " fucktard!"
9/15/2021Green for your PERSEVERANCE! Never before have I seen someone so determined to be such an annoying fucking troll and purveyor of vax lies and Pharma shillery. ~ Zovalex
9/15/2021It would be a good time for you to purge yourself from humanity
9/15/2021DSA and CCP asset
9/15/2021Have some green. Whoops.
9/15/2021Ax wound troll
9/15/2021Take your red shill
9/15/2021Time for your red, Loser.
9/15/2021Promoting death by vaxxine is not nice
9/15/2021Karma is real, this is just symbolic. I hope it finds you.
9/15/2021Time for your red karma booster
9/15/2021Please go away.
9/15/2021Gtfo Eyewitness Experiences Trump Your Manipulated Misconstrued Numbers And Theories.
9/15/2021Bless your heart
9/15/2021Im praying for you.
9/14/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/14/2021Will they boot you
9/14/2021So gay
9/14/2021Whoah, the power of the Red
9/14/2021Weekly Red Karma Drive-By
9/14/2021What if Down syndrome, what if autism. You are such a fucking idiot with your speculating rhetoric.
9/14/2021Just go away
9/14/2021Retarded statment
9/14/2021Too bad it wasn’t you she got.
9/14/2021Fuck off douchebag
9/14/2021Shill f*ck.
9/14/2021LOL you're still pretending you're a 'scient'? XD
9/14/2021Youre evil
9/14/2021Im not christian or compassionate or good so go fuck yourself
9/14/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/13/2021I hear you're banging Candace.
9/13/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
9/13/2021Worthless brainlet bootlicker, servant of NWO
9/13/2021Uncle genitiles - hard to work you out ... Are you Trinity? love avatar.
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