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natasha77's Karma

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11/23/2012Karma love from samanthasunflower
11/22/2012God bless - Lisa :)
11/22/2012YOur a LOON
11/22/2012Piss off
11/22/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
11/22/2012Seems like you need a hug > X
11/22/2012Hagel BS spread
11/21/2012Michio Kaku isn't a shill. You're a tard.
11/21/2012Happy Thanksgiving - Chrit
11/21/2012Fucking retard
11/19/2012Hang in there .... Fast Forward
11/19/2012Karma for caring about your grand kids! -PENG. :)
11/19/2012I am sick of your constant complaining. Get a job, get out of the house. You are bored. No one here has a perfect life. I feel so sorry for your husband because you are disloyal by telling the whole w
11/19/2012Bithchin about hubby? You signed your name with depressed? Maybe it's you?
11/18/2012Mind your own business fag!
11/16/2012Just because.... CyBerndt
11/15/2012Love is not that great.
11/15/2012Plus one Karma for spreading the love even if it's out of character for you.
11/14/2012Breastfeed me with yo milk tankers
11/14/2012You used to be ok, but now your such a nasty whore bitch! SICK and DISGUSTING CUNT!
11/14/2012Skank ass whore needs banned
11/14/2012That avatar makes me want to punch something
11/14/2012On Dec. 21st you will shit your pants.
11/10/2012You suck, freak. That's why you are depressed.
11/7/2012For your avatar :)))
10/29/2012Posted in jerkoffs thread
10/29/2012Thank u for your good luck
10/29/2012Shut up all you do is bitch
10/28/2012Being a dumbass for posting the marc anthony thread , idiot
10/28/2012For sending love even if you are afraid... we are together in this... 141
10/28/2012Astroquakes... TheTruthWorker
10/27/2012Thank you - NothingFancy
10/27/2012For your love of God - Whiteangel
10/26/2012Best wishes to your coat.
10/26/2012Alerady 3 pinned threads on Sandy and you want another just for you?
10/26/2012Happy friday. A little green for you. Garman906
10/25/2012Classic roger
10/25/2012You are one of my favorite posters of all time!
10/25/2012Whas up natasha gurl
10/24/2012A+ -- Super Bowl Dave
10/23/2012Earpiece bullshit. your posts suck.
10/23/2012You suck like I do - wisc_natureboy
10/22/2012Welcome to negative-karma-ville.​... take your shoes off. You'll be here for a while.
10/22/2012Delusional comments
10/20/2012I pushed my eyeballs in ... yuk !
10/20/2012You're terrible at trolling
10/20/2012Your a shinning example of a manipulative, narsassistic socially brainwashed american woman.
10/20/2012Cheer up.. karma..gonviral
10/19/2012Salud to you also - G3
10/19/2012Nice ...you got the point....Daniel of the Rose
10/19/2012Thank you for posting! person445 aka Russell Scott
10/18/2012For your posts ! From Tiger1.
10/17/2012Your poor husband.
10/16/2012Do not insult dogs instead call obama the communist hater of America
10/16/2012For your" smilies" and your witty sense of humor in using them. Southernbella
10/16/2012For your Tuesday dream. :) ~Vesper33~
10/16/2012Roger ;-)
10/13/2012Some green light for ya ~ Iolair
10/11/2012Obviously kiss my ass!
10/11/2012Just no
10/11/2012You are not royalty... you're just low caste scum
10/9/2012Because I want to.
10/8/2012Retarde fucking idiot
10/4/2012A li'l green for being nice. Garman906
10/3/2012Yep red for retarded
10/3/2012Shut Up!
10/3/2012Stay depressed
10/3/2012Go back to your mind control session you welfare queen
9/26/2012Natasha, I am so glad you told off this nut case saying he ated his wife, and then calling her a filthy word, So sad. Anyways thanks for calling it like he is, a scumbag. hugs, Angelhelper
9/26/2012For being a nagbitch
9/24/2012He did say it you jew hating tard, it is best when you dont post
9/23/2012They like to insult people on foodstamps but dont realize it will be them soon enough
9/22/2012I feel for you and hang in there
9/18/2012Blessings to you and I hope you will experience healing...
9/12/2012Dont be affraid of death, its like going to sleep. :)
9/6/2012Ann Coulter says fuck you liberal twat ~ Matrix
9/6/2012SPEAKING OF A "DIRTY TWAT!!"You one disgusting girl.
9/5/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
9/3/2012Reported Abusive Post
9/3/2012Khols and walmart gonviral
9/2/2012Let this be a lesson to you to check sources before running your mouth. its called "thinking" you should try it. arnie dead indeed
9/1/2012Stop gagging for black cock you silly hoe
8/31/2012I hope you are doing better, Natasha ! From Tiger1.
8/31/2012Youre kind of an asshole
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