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4/1/2020Thank you, Canada.
3/31/2020For standing up to evil.
3/31/2020Stay safe! White Wolf:)
3/31/2020I HEAR YOUR FUKCING - ModeloVirus
3/28/2020Great information!
3/27/2020Fuck da Corona Green ~ Cartel
3/27/2020For your story of ufos on Littleme's thread. I believe you-Penny Peppers
3/23/2020Green - Big Daddy D - Thanks for the posts on the Wuhan hoax thread
3/22/2020Great advjce
3/22/2020<3 Reanne - Great comment: soak up some sun a bit :-)
3/21/2020Calmness and good wishes sent to you. LTHN.
3/9/2020Absolutely right about the govt and paedophiles.
3/9/2020Green from saved and thank you!!!
3/8/2020This & That!
3/7/2020Have a good weekend friend - curry nosher :-)
3/5/2020Green - grove street
3/5/2020Best analysis to date - Lama
2/27/2020Common Sense - Callin
2/24/2020"trauma victims from violence" Really?
2/24/2020Green love from Happy in Nature
2/24/2020For your powerful comment on 'the cabal wants to turn the world...'
2/24/2020"...This is what they need to disclose." excellent post :-) morgan
2/20/2020Fro,m Michibama
2/18/2020Terrific Tuesday Green! Hawk-03
2/11/2020Thanks -Arkansassy
2/10/2020Come on, be more friendly, I’m a nice one. Ayr :)
2/7/2020Greenz for yer humanity... Bless you...InYerNeck
2/7/2020Green from Happy in Nature
2/6/2020Cheers from CK
1/27/2020I enjoy your posts. Pepperroni
1/27/2020Thank you for sharing your information on herbs and home remodies.
1/24/2020Salutations....Don D
1/21/2020Yes on all that you have mention
1/19/2020Blessings of good health sent to you, be well. LTHN.
1/13/2020Happy NewYear! ~XeroGravity
1/12/2020The ICANN for both Glamiscalling.org and the site the lady is reviewing were created in January of this year. This is fake.
1/9/2020"but Soleimani is a Fucking Terrorist Period. "
1/9/2020Spew it Sister...days where good is unoticed
1/2/2020Wishing you a great New Year! Hawk-03
1/1/2020Thanx for the bump!
12/27/2019Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - ElleMira
12/25/2019Merry Christmas to you! LTHN.
12/24/2019Reported Abusive Post
12/21/2019Thanks for th he info -undestroyer
12/19/2019For standing up for the homeless against demonic statists'.
12/19/2019Tis the season for GREEN KARMA! Hawk-03
12/18/2019Peace and tranquility sprinkled on your calming pace, shadows of your walks emblazed with stardust. pool
12/17/2019I wish you a day of Peace, Happiness and Joy ~ Jaena
12/16/2019Fake Fox News Poll! Love your comment, spot on!-Blue Fairy
12/13/2019Reported Abusive Post
12/9/2019Merry Christmas, God Bless ~ Cartel
12/5/2019Jesus blesses you!
11/29/2019Black Friday Green KArma of Protetion! Hawk-03
11/26/2019Animal defender-Penny Peppers
11/23/2019Green! WyatteSmith
11/18/2019Sunday Green! God Bless ~ Cartel
11/12/2019GreenTard was here ~ WyatteSmith
11/9/2019Super post on Kamala's evil school plans - Blue State Rebel
11/1/2019For feeding the Cannabis troll
10/29/2019Thank you ~kpm~
10/28/2019Cmon man this shouldnt even be pinned, its 2 yr old news
10/28/2019Yes, they gain protection from their own souls, Higher Self or Larger soul, but also from Family/Goodness!!!
10/28/2019Freedom of speech ~ FLashbuzzkill
10/15/2019Thanks for commenting on my chemical link vaping thread! TrustNoOneKS
10/11/2019White Wolf was here! :)
10/11/2019For so bravely sharing your memories of a previous life you lived. - Louis in Richmond
10/7/2019Green For A Good Week ~ A R K
10/4/2019"He sounds abusive and I'd tell him to stop immediately..." For a caring, health-conscious husband remarking on wife's junkfood eating.
10/2/2019Q33 Lol
10/1/2019Lance from BC
9/21/2019Star Trek wasn't real. Sorry to be the one to tell you.
9/21/2019Thank you for your faith and belief; we will win. - Louis in Richmond
9/21/2019Sending healing energy ~ Jaena
9/21/2019Turkey is a trash shithole
9/19/2019"...unless God prompts you too." Not smart enough to know why "too" is incorrect. Shameful.
9/18/2019Green For A Good Wednesday ~ A R K
9/17/2019Yes yes she is retarded
9/16/2019Are you fuckigng retarded....
9/15/2019Excellent post on halal, White Wolf:)
9/6/2019Reincarnation is a new-age LIE. it doesn't happen
9/3/2019White Wolf was here!
8/22/2019Well said RH
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